Trio will serve from the 2021 Fall Meeting to the 2024 Fall Meeting.

Three members of the Colorado PGA were elected to serve a three-year term as members of the Colorado PGA Board of Directors on Monday, March 29, during the Virtual Spring Business Meeting. Graham Cliff, PGA, Director of Golf at Colorado Golf Club; Barry Milstead, PGA, Director of Golf at Valley Country Club; and Leighton Smith, PGA, Owner of Leighton Smith Golf will be sworn during the Fall Membership Meeting on October 11, 2021.

“We were so honored to have had seven tremendous candidates running for the Board,” expressed Jim Hajek, PGA, President of the Colorado Section. “It is a true testament to the character of each of them in their desire to serve their fellow PGA Member. Unfortunately, we could not accept all seven, but I know Graham, Barry and Leighton will serve the membership very well.”

Cliff shared in his nomination video that he chose to run for two main reasons. He believes that, based on committees and boards he has been on in the past, it takes a group of people of different backgrounds and expertise to make the most functional boards. He was asked by peers to put his name forward. Cliff believes growing up in Canada and his diverse work experience shaped who he is today.

Secondly, Cliff admitted that he has been on the sidelines, both vocal and quiet, which any of us can do. He continued, “this is dysfunctional.”  It’s easy to sit on the sidelines, criticize what we don’t agree with and stir the pot. Or sit on the sidelines quiet and frustrated. He would like to get involved, learn, and understand, hopeful to be an advocate for the Section, current and future PGA Professionals.

After being elected at the meeting, Cliff expressed that he is very excited to be a part of the Section as a Director at Large. He stated, “I look forward to learning from the current board of directors, while providing a fair and unbiased perspective to situations that will be presented.”

Milstead has many years of experience serving on the Colorado PGA Board of Directors for eight years followed by serving as an officer for eight between 2000-2016. He served as president of the Section from 2011-2014. After a five-year break, he expressed in his nomination video, that he is rejuvenated and ready to get back in the boardroom, “to continue to make the Colorado Section the best it can be.”

Reasons Milstead listed for running include working with the PGA REACH programs, growing the game of golf, playing more golf and mentorship. “I want to mentor,” Milstead proclaimed. Mentoring Associates and PGA Professionals, working with Career Consultant, Keith Soriano, PGA, to help our professionals, he added, “we can make golf, the PGA and the Colorado Section the leaders in golf in Colorado.”

After the election, Milstead shared, “I’m very excited to be back in the Colorado PGA Boardroom. We have a great collection of talent in the room and I’m looking forward to working to keep our Section as the best in the PGA.”

Smith gave three reasons running for the board and asked for votes in his nomination video: energy, skillset and moving the needle. After carefully evaluating whether or not he had the energy it would take to perform at a high level on the board, he assured members, with confidence, that his head is in the “right space.” He feels his skillset aligns with what the Board of Directors needs and with the momentum that has been built over the years as a membership. Finally, he desires to “move the needle.”  Smith wants to learn, contribute to our goals and be on the action team.

After receiving the votes to be elected, Smith shared, “I am very grateful to have the confidence from our membership that will allow me to serve in this new role starting this Fall. I take this seriously and look forward to being a part of the strategic conversations and planning that will allow our section to continue to rise above. I am open minded and love growth-mindset oriented conversation so if you have a desire to bring an idea to light please reach out to me. Thank you and have a great start to your season!”

Other topics of discussion at the Spring Meeting included hearing from Dan Baker, PGA, and Tracey Faenza, representing PGA Golf Retirement Plus and also PGA Career Services Consultant Keith Soriano, PGA. Be sure to sign up for Golf Retirement Plus and not miss out on the benefits offered. Soriano shared about enhancements to, as well as education and services he provides to the Colorado Section.

District 9 Director, Jared Barnes, PGA, gave a report and updates from National. To learn more of what he shared, view his article on page 8 of The SUMMIT.

The education portion of the Spring Meeting was presented by Mark Kelbel, PGA, International Program Solutions, LLC, and Cindy Johnson, Global Hospitality Connections, LLC. Their presentation was titled “Setting the Framework of Culture Through Leadership, Commitment and Vision.”

The meeting was recorded and is available on the Colorado PGA website and by clicking here.