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Golf in Schools

Colorado PGA Golf in Schools Program

What is the Colorado PGA Golf in Schools Program?

The Colorado PGA Golf in Schools Program is a collaborative effort between the founding associations of the Colorado Open Golf Foundation: the Colorado PGA, Colorado Golf Association, Colorado Women’s Golf Association and Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendents’ Association (the Allied Golf Associations) to introduce school-age children across the state to the game of golf and the valuable life skills it teaches.

Program Costs

This program is offered to schools at no cost to either the student or the school! Funding for this program is made through the generous support of the Colorado Open Golf Foundation, the Colorado PGA REACH Foundation, the Allied Golf Associations of Colorado and contributions from private donors and corporations.

What Are the Program Goals?

Ultimately, the success of the program centers on the synergy created between the three core elements: the participating school, the PGA Golf Professional and the Golf Facility. Through this partnership, children will be able to experience a sport that emphasizes important values that make for better citizens.

Core Program Elements

Truly a partnership between the school, the professional and the facility.

  • Deliver the instruction where the children are at school
  • Provide a high quality, consistent program lead by PGA Professionals
  • Transition the children from the school to the golf facility on a field trip to experience the game in its natural setting
  • Opportunity to incorporate science elements delivered by the Golf Course Superintendents

For more information please contact Samantha Crawford at (303) 996-1591 or

Why participate?

A Sport for a Lifetime

By connecting children with junior programs at green grass golf facilities, an opportunity is created for lifetime enjoyment of the sport. This partnership between the golf facility and the school is instrumental to the long-term success of the Colorado PGA Golf in Schools program.

Long Lasting Impact

By unifying the Allied Golf Associations, we will deliver a sustainable program that embraces individual communities, their school system and local corporate supporters in an effort to impact the children of Colorado for years to come.

Life Value Integration

One of the attractions of the game of golf is a tradition of integrity, courtesy, respect and sportsmanship. Introducing children to this great sport creates an opportunity to reinforce these values, as well as head them down a path to participate in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.