Modified Knuth Points System to be Implemented in 2017 Pro Ams

System Designed to Give Teams an Equitable Chance to Compete | 03/27/2017

While it is true that some competitors do play better in competition than they do in everyday casual play, it is the opinion of many that most competitors seem to not score as well in competition as they do in their casual rounds. There are competitors that finish near the top quite often, yet they never seem to play well enough to have their handicap reduced under Section 10-3.  


In reviewing net tournament results and addressing concerns from our members, the indication is that Section 10-3 may not be doing enough to insure that all competitors are competing on any equal basis. If we assume that all golfers are abiding by the score posting guidelines established by the USGA Handicap System, then each competitor should have the same chance as the next to win in tournaments. For example, if you played in 100 tournaments of 100 players, each of you should win but once.


We have found this to be true in Colorado PGA Pro-Am events concerning Section 10-3.  Our goal is to ensure that Colorado PGA Pro-Am team competitions are equitable and every team has a chance to win.  Therefore, the Tournament Committee and the Board of Directors have approved the Modified Knuth Tournament Points System to be implemented in the 2017 season.


The system to be implemented is based on assigning points to Amateurs finishing in the top 5 places of the team competition, including ties in Colorado PGA Pro-Am events (excluding shamble formats.)   The points will be assessed to all Amateurs finishing in the top 5 places of the team competition. 


The handicap reduction will be calculated on an ongoing basis (two (2) year rolling points list.)  When the most recent tournament is entered into the list, then the oldest tournament will be deleted and a new point total will be calculated.  The points list will be updated to the membership on the first of every month (April-October).  PGA Members who have played with an amateur who will receive a reduction will receive an email stating on the first of every month stating what the reduction of that amateur will be. 


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