The Bill Strausbaugh Award is presented to a Colorado PGA Member who has shown outstanding integrity, commitment to mentoring PGA Professionals and has made a significant impact on the careers of PGA Professionals. This year’s recipient of the award has recently celebrated twenty years in the industry with GOLFTEC. Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Beck, PGA, GOLFTEC for being the recipient of the 2021 Bill Strausbaugh Award.

As a 20-year PGA Member and having spent his last 22 years with GOLFTEC, Jeremy Beck is all too familiar with what it means to be a mentor, coach, and colleague. Beck has made his way through the industry, specifically around instruction and operations. As he now acts as the Chief Operations Officer for GOLFTEC, Jeremy focuses on mentoring and developing former coaches into executives with skills to be award winning leaders in the industry.

“I have a passion for improvement whether it’s my own golf game, or life in general, it comes into play with everything I do including my work.” A frequent keynote speaker at various PGA events, Beck has also been recognized as the 2001 GOLFTEC Coach of the Year and 2005 GOLFTEC Manager of the Year. This is Jeremy’s first award from the Colorado Section.

What does this award mean to you?

This is an incredibly huge honor. I have the utmost respect for the Colorado Section, and everyone involved, so to be chosen as the recipient is a humbling honor, because I know there are many deserving candidates. Growing up, I was always encouraged to follow and do what I love as a profession. I got into the game with my mother and grandpa when I was in the 3rd grade, playing a 9-hole public course in eastern Iowa. I used to just walk and putt, but quickly fell in love with the game, and spending time with my family. I started making friends on the course, and it turned into a social outlet for me to also be competitive, so to be able to turn that into a career has been rewarding in itself.

What are the qualities that you possess that you believe supported you in winning this award?

Authenticity. My work ethic and genuine passion for caring about those that I work with is something that has always been a part of me. Growing up in a small farm town, my parents started a construction business, so between working on the farm or alongside the family business, work ethic was always part of it – which continued in life. Joe Assell, PGA, and Mike Clinton, PGA, have been my mentors over the years, and I saw their work ethic, and passion for the work that they do. It culminates together – seeing that pay off has been really rewarding.

As it relates to golf, what is the best piece of advice would you give to others?

Change is a skill. Whether that’s improving your game, or learning any new skill, there’s a process to go about that, it’s thoughtful, it’s not just luck. Once you’re good at change, you can apply it to golf, and the rest of your life. Ideas are easy, execution is everything. Practice the art of skill acquisition and your ideas will come to life.

What’s your proudest moment of being a golf professional?

In 2016, I spearheaded the creation of GOLFTEC’s company values. When COVID hit, we had to close 180 facilities in the United States for two months, and during that time, it was evident how important our values and culture here at GOLFTEC are. To see our hard work over the years of building our values (team, passion, innovation, integrity, improvement, and fun) really shine and present themselves during these difficult times was very rewarding. The effort to focus on improvement while our centers were closed, but still find the ability to have fun through these tough times; witnessing this come together was just something I was incredibly proud of. We cultivated innovative ways for everyone to work from home, witnessing this come together was just something I was incredibly proud of. We cultivated innovative ways for everyone to work from home, focus on training, engage students remotely and come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

What’s something that others might not know about you?

I’m a big bike guy! Mountain biking, road bikes, all of it. I clock about 2,000 miles a year! My wife and I use it as a way to explore when we’re traveling, and I personally think it’s the best way to see new cities. Whether we’re just in the neighborhood or across the world (Spain) it’s so much fun. You can’t make the quick pitstops in a car like you can on a bike. We’ve biked around wineries in Napa, on a tandem bike mind you, New York, Vail, San Francisco, all over!