How many of you have ever found yourselves saying, or even thinking, “What is up with the younger people today?” And, if you ARE one of the younger people, how many of YOU have ever found yourselves saying or even thinking, “What is up with the older people today?”

This was the keynote-speaker introduction given to the 130 women who attended the 2019 Colorado PGA REACH Women’s Leadership Summit held at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs on Monday, July 15. As a speaker, author and consultant, Liotta helped attendees understand and optimize each generation’s gifts, talents and time. Being the youngest girl of 19 children, Liotta grew up in the midst of the multi-generational front lines making every family Thanksgiving, graduation or wedding a graduate-level course in generational communication. Whether attendees were a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial or Global, Liotta entertained and educated them with thoughts on how we perceive others and enhance our relationships with everyone we know.

Through laughter and engagement, Liotta’s take-away message was that when we understand a generations (be)cause, it activates their natural gifts, their talents, their spirit and their inspiration. Understanding the generational DNA code of other generations can prove to be fulfilling, rewarding and empowering both personally and professionally.

Following the theme of diversity, The Honorable Sue Payton, President of SCI Aerospace, Inc., moderated a panel of local business women who shared their experiences in the business world. On the panel were:

  • Maria G. Arias, Principal of Arias Solutions
  • Kathy Hagan Brown, Co-CEO of Kars Hagan
  • Jennifer Cassell, Partner Bowditch & Cassell Public Affairs
  • Susan Bond-Philo, PGA, Member Relationship Manager for PGA of America


“The PGA REACH 2019 Women’s Leadership Summit was a success in so many ways,” comments Payton. “The Summit brought together 130 women with very diverse backgrounds who were amazed and inspired by our keynote speaker, Anna Liotta, as she helped everyone understand how to “effectively communicate and develop meaningful relationships with members of all generations not only in the workplace but in everyday life.”  The Summit did more than just admire the problem and barriers to understanding “what makes each generation tick.”  The Summit, through audience participation and dialog with Anna and a panel of very successful women leaders, gave women great ideas and tools to use to improve not only their company’s culture, recruitment and retention activities but also to improve their relationships with family and friends.”

As part of paying it forward, the REACH Foundation awards a scholarship to a deserving young lady. This year, the selection committee deemed the top four scholarship applicants all worthy to receive a scholarship. Each receiving a $1,000 scholarship were Regina Dillon, student at UCCS in Colorado Springs; Marissa Garcia, student at Hastings College; Kate Griffin of Colorado Springs; and Courtney Thompson also of Colorado Springs.

Mark your calendars to attend the Colorado PGA REACH Women’s Leadership Summit in 2020 when it will be held in conjunction with the 72nd U.S. Girls’ Junior Golf Championship hosted on the U.S. Air Force Academy on Friday, July 10, 2020.

The Colorado PGA REACH Women’s Leadership Summit serves as a catalyst to empower women on and off the golf course. The Colorado PGA REACH Foundation is committed to partnering with top women leaders to pay it forward to next-generation women leaders. The Summit is focused on the development, advancement and empowerment of women by providing content, tools, mentoring and networking opportunities to support their career advancement. Visit us at: