Co-founded by Jack Nicklaus and the originators of PGA Jr. League Golf, Doubles Golf is the first format in the history of the game created in the USA. This relaxing format is a rebranding of the two-player scramble, which allows for a less stressful approach to golf in both recreational and competitive play.

The original plans in the Colorado Section were to launch Doubles Golf this spring, encourage many of our PGA Professionals to host Doubles Golf programs at their facilities and conduct a Doubles Golf Championship in August, followed by a Section Championship in October. As we know, many plans have changed this year and most everyone’s Tee Sheets are currently nearly full. Therefore, we have had to regroup in launching Doubles Golf in 2020.

The goal in 2020 was to create awareness for Doubles Golf, and we are sticking to this goal. Starting with the end goal in mind, the U.S Doubles Golf Am Championships will be hosted by Jack Nicklaus at The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida, November 3-5, and the Colorado Doubles Golf Am Championships will be hosted by the Colorado PGA at The Golf Club at Bear Dance on October 8. During the week of August 10, immediately following the PGA Championship, Doubles Golf Week will be held across the country as a fundraiser for the Golf Emergency Relief Fund. Any registered Doubles Golf Team that posts a score during this week, will trigger a $10 donation from the United States Doubles Golf Committee.

To support Doubles Golf:

  • Register your facility for Doubles Golf;
  • Help promote it to your players/members; and
    • Marketing will be done in the July Issue of ColoradoAvidGolfer Magazine, ColoradoAvidLifestyle, Golf Radio Shows and social media.
    • Designated email templates have been developed for you to use if you’d like.
  • Host a Doubles Golf Championship at your facility in August;
    • There are many ways to do this, with one of them being a “Ladder Championship” where teams can play during Doubles Golf Week and post their scores on

It truly is quite simple for Golf Professionals to help support and create awareness for Doubles Golf in 2020. Our goal in 2021 is to create Doubles Golf Leagues where you, as a Colorado PGA Professional, can earn anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 by hosting leagues at your facility. For 2020, you will receive $10 for every team that registers from your facility on

Remember, the goal for 2020 is to create awareness for Doubles Golf. Therefore, I can guarantee you that this will not take a lot of effort on your part while creating some fun and excitement at your facility, raising some money for a good cause and putting a little extra revenue in your pocket.

For questions or concerns, contact Eddie Ainsworth, PGA, CEO/Executive Director of the Colorado Section, at 791-761-6125 or