Previously Known as Growth of the Game Grants

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What were in the past known as Growth of the Game Grants have been realigned to reflect the work done under the three pillars of the Colorado PGA REACH Foundation. Thus, the program has been renamed the Pillar Grant Program.

As far as the mission of the program, that has not changed. The mission remains to provide financial assistance to facilities within the geographic boundaries of the Colorado Section PGA that employ PGA Members in good standing to develop and/or significantly enhance programs that align with the three pillars of our Foundation to attract and retain new golfers.

The Pillar Grant Program will provide funding to assist with the costs of providing instruction, course/facility access and PGA Family Tees ONLY. Funding will only be approved for programs that align with:

  • Youth Development Programs – Golf in Schools and PGA Junior League;
  • Supporting Our Military Programs – PGA HOPE; and
  • Diversity & Inclusion Programs – Specifically targeting women and minorities.

What the program will not fund are facility construction and/or enhancements, administrative and indirect costs of a program, individual high school or collegiate teams, or private individuals and endowments.

Because funding is designed to assist our PGA Members with the development of new programs at their facilities, only one program per facility will be approved. Also, a facility will only be eligible to receive a grant for two years within a five-year time period. Second-year funding will automatically be approved upon receipt of the Program Follow-up Report from the PGA Member and facility. Follow-up Reports, along with the financial accounting of how the funds were utilized, are due by noon the first Monday in December. Failure to meet the report deadline will automatically prohibit second-year funding. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Those interested in being considered for a Colorado PGA REACH Pillar Grant must submit a completed application to Colorado PGA REACH. A PGA Member in good standing on behalf of the facility in which the PGA Member is employed must sign and submit the application.

The deadline for submitting completed applications is Friday, March 8, 2019. March grant recipients will be announced at the Spring Meeting on March 25, 2019. Colorado PGA REACH and the Colorado Section PGA assumes no responsibility for timely delivery of applications sent via the U.S. Postal Service or any other document delivery service.