Keffer 5-Time Winner of OMEGA Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year

Geoff Keffer, PGA, co-owner and Assistant Professional at the Greater Golf Development Center, earned the 2017 OMEGA Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year title. Keffer is no stranger to receiving a player of the year award with this being his fourth consecutive year to win this award; his fifth time since 2012. He is also a three-time winner of the Apprentice Player of the Year Award granting him a player award in eight of the last 11 years. This award makes Keffer the most highly decorated Player of the Year in the Colorado Section.

“I am honored to again be the recipient of the OMEGA Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year Award,” comments Keffer. “Even though I have won this award in the past, each year the competition gets more difficult. That is a tribute to the high-level of talent that is present in the Colorado Section.”

Born and raised in Colorado, Keffer started playing golf the summer he turned 6-years-old when his dad took him to play at the Lakewood Country Club. From the first hole of his first round, he was hooked on the sport. That first weekend at the course, he and his dad walked 18 holes the first day, 18 holes the next day and 18 holed the day after that. Keffer played in high school and was affiliated with the pros for a handful of years before becoming a PGA member.

Keffer had another strong year on the golf course accumulating six first place finishes. Competing in 27 tournaments throughout the season, only once did he finish outside the top 10. When the points for the Dow Finsterwald Player were tallied, Keffer led the next closest contender by more than 2,000 points.

Always working to better his game, Keffer continues to make an effort to convert his weaknesses into strengths. Even though he doesn’t consider this year to be one of his best driving years, he does still consider his driving and his short game to be two of his strongest assets on the course.

“I can usually get up or down from almost anywhere,” confides Keffer. “I believe I am still one of the top drivers in the Colorado Section.”

When asked about his season, Keffer admitted it didn’t start out too great. However, he quickly turned that around when he played in the Valley Country Club Pro-Am where he tied for the top position. He remained a strong competitor, finishing in one of the top three spots in half of the events he competed in.

“I must have a mental aversion to Blackstone Country Club and Green Valley Ranch, chuckles Keffer. “I never score well at either of these courses. The only opportunity I will have of winning the Colorado Open is if the event gets moved away from Green Valley.”

Being a goal oriented professional, Keffer set out at the beginning of the season to score below 70 in each event he competed in, to return to the National Car Rental Assistant Professional Championship, the PGA Professional Championship and to again win the OMEGA Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year Award. As they say, three out of four is not bad.

“Although I wasn’t able to consistently shoot under 70, I was able to play consistent golf,” says Keffer. “I challenged myself by seeing how many times I could finish in the top five or top 10 at each contest and that kept me motivated. Qualifying for the National Car Rental Championship, the PGA Professional Championship and winning the OMEGA Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year title mean a lot to me.”

For Keffer, golf reminds him of his father and is attested by his comment: “As some may know, my dad always liked the classic look of knickers on the golf course. When he passed away, I started wearing them to have him out there with me when I golf.”

The Colorado PGA could not be more proud to have Geoff Keffer, PGA, win the 2017 Dow Finsterwald OMEGA Player of the Year Award for his exceptional play throughout the past year and in representing PGA Professionals with distinction in competition.