Wearner Earns Third Nod as Teacher of the Year

The 2017 Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year, Trent Wearner, PGA, is a three-time honoree of this award from the Colorado Section having previously received it in both 2014 and 2004. This award conveys special recognition on a Colorado PGA Professional for excellence in golf instruction, along with overall performance.

“Whatever level of success I have had, none of it happens without the great people that I have had the fortune to work with during my 21 years of coaching,” shares Wearner. “As the Colorado Section grows and we have more and more teachers, it is extremely gratifying to again be recognized by my peers for this award.”

Wearner is the owner and director of instruction at the Trent Wearner Golf Academy located at the Meridian Golf Club in Englewood, Colo., where he has been for the past 18 years. He has also been classified as a Certified Golf Coach by Dr. Rick Jensen. He received career guidance from some of the top teachers like Keith Lyford, Mike McGetrick and Dr. Rick Jensen, all of whom he credits with making him a more well-rounded individual. In 2006, he authored and published a book titled Golf Scrimmages: Realistic Practice Games Under Pressure, which is a staple for nearly every teacher and college-golf program in the country.

“I was fortunate to have tremendous mentors who taught be everything from the swing, coaching principles, the mental game and business practices,” regards Wearner. “It is important to me to continue to know what it feels like to be the student so I continue to take lessons myself in various interests like golf, fly fishing, computer classes and guitar. By sharing these experiences with our staff, we have been able to improve our programs, as well as our teaching and communication skills year after year.”

While he works with golfers of all skill levels from beginners to advanced and ages young to old, junior instruction is at the heart of Wearner’s work. Those under his guidance have accomplished numerous feats on the golf course. The best way to articulate the level of success is to let the statistics speak for themselves.

Thirty-two of his students, both adult and junior, have qualified to play in a National U.S. Golf Association event. • In 2016, two of his students won the 4A and 5A Individual High School State Championships, giving Wearner a total of 12 Individual State Champs, as well as 10 Team Championships. • Nearly 100 students are playing or have played college golf and several have moved up to play mini-tours around the country. • At the Drive, Chip and Putt level, two students have advanced to the finals at August National.

“I have been very privileged and humbled to be a part of the careers of so many great golfers at every level in their development of the game,” responds Wearner. “Our coaching team’s dedication to the golfer’s game and our ability to speak their language helps to achieve these results. We are guides for our students and just a small part of their journey. It is our hope that we have helped them build a foundation that gives them confidence in their game and that they are able to depend on themselves when they are on the course.”

Even though Wearner’s work has been on a more local level, his recognition as an instructor has been nationwide. Each year since 2005, Golf Digest has named Wearner one of the Best Teachers in the state. He has been named a top-50 teacher in America by US Kids Golf and a Top Teacher – Southwest by Golf Magazine. He has been featured in Golf Digest, Golf Week, Golf Magazine, PGA.com and on the Golf Channel. He has also been the sole teacher on the Golf@Altitude show for the last eight years where he inspires people to play the game while representing professionals in the Colorado Section. In addition, he has produced more than 20 2-minutes clips for the Golf Channel’s social media outlets.

Wearner is a devoted supporter of programs within the Colorado PGA as well. He took a lead role in a Get Golf Ready program preceding the 2010 Senior PGA Championship featuring prominent executive business women from the community, has volunteered countless hours at the Denver Golf Expo and has participated with many programs the Colorado PGA offers in Junior Golf.

“As coaches, it is our job to work with golfers in all stages of their training and to develop programs that fit a wide variety of skill levels,” concludes Wearner. “As coaches, we need to be chameleons. It is our responsibility to our students to alter our methods, demeanor and personality to complement the student because when we do this, our students have the opportunity to learn and improve at a faster rate.”

Because of his dedication to teaching the game of golf, the Colorado PGA is proud to present Trent Wearner with the 2017 Teach of the Year Award.