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Doubles Golf

There's a new game in town!

Learn more about the two person 9-hole scramble format for amateur golfers to compete for the National Doubles Golf Am Championship.

There’s a new game in town, co-founded by Jack Nicklaus and the creators of PGA Jr. League, Doubles Golf® is a  re-branding of the two-player scramble. This relaxing format allows for a less stressful approach to golf in both recreational and competitive play.

Doubles Golf® teams can see where they rank at their course, statewide and nationally by posting their scores on the Doubles Golf® Mobile Scoring App. PGA Professionals can launch Doubles Golf® Leagues in Men’s, Women’s, Senior, Mixed-Doubles, and Adult-Junior Divisions, which is the first step in qualifying for the 2021 US Doubles Golf® Am Championships.

To learn more about how Doubles Golf® can be made possible at your facility, join us for a Virtual Session!  Register for a Virtual Session or click on the links for more information about Doubles Golf®.

Why Doubles Golf®?


The new trademarked re-branding of the two-player scramble format, Doubles Golf®, allows for a less stressful and more “relaxed” approach to golf competition, where teammates can accent each other’s strengths while offsetting each other’s weaknesses.


The Doubles Golf® format will bring more juniors, women, and the millennial population into the game, and will keep seniors playing for years longer.

Recreational, yet Competitive

In 2021, teams have the opportunity to compete in Doubles Golf® Leagues at their local course, in Men’s, Women’s, Senior, Mixed and Adult/Junior Divisions.


The Doubles Golf® scoring system will provide a rating and ranking for all Doubles Golf® teams. There is no limit to the number of teams a player can join. Click the Login button to sign up and register your team(s).

Founded in America

Through the inaugural US Doubles Golf® Am Championships in November of 2021, Doubles Golf® will become the first accredited Championship Golf format developed in the United States.


Doubles Golf® encourages 9-hole rounds, creating quicker play, and the opportunity for evening tournaments and leagues.

Who can play Doubles Golf?

  • Teams can be made up of any two players in Doubles Golf no matter their age, gender, experience or skill level.
  • Doubles Golf can be played at anywhere, anytime.
  • Players can join as many teams as they’d like.
  • The five main categories in Doubles Golf are:
    • Men’s (25+)
    • Women’s (25+)
    • Senior (60+)
    • Mixed-Doubles (M+F, 25+)
    • Parent-Junior (13-under + M/F family member)

Generating Revenue Through Doubles Golf Leagues

  • Golf Professionals will set the total price of their league, with the suggested league fee being $100/team, where $80 will go straight back to the Golf Professional and $20 going to the PGA Section to help administer Doubles Golf leagues and advancement qualifying.
  • Ideal leagues would consist of 6 teams and would run over 5-weeks. That is only 3 tee times/week.
  • All leagues are intra-facility and allow for incremental revenue with ‘foot traffic’ in the golf shop and food & beverage.
  • There are 5 main categories in Doubles Golf
    • Men’s, Women’s, Senior, Mixed-Doubles, and Parent-Junior.
  • Players can register themselves on as many teams as they’d like and play in multiple leagues.

For Teams

  • All teams competing in any Doubles Golf programming must be registered prior to playing. Registration is an annual fee of $30/team.
  • Once a team is registered on the system, they will be provided a Temporary Doubles Golf Rating (A1->C3).
  • Teams will use the scoring system to post their scores and see where they rank at the course, in the state, nationwide, and globally!
  • Teams will post their match scores and regular scores through the same system, making the league standings ‘live’.

For Golf Professionals

  • After registering their course on, Professionals will be provided a Course Clubhouse page for their golfers.
  • Professionals will be able to create leagues in their Clubhouse page, customizing items such as category, price, password protection, tees being played, matches, standings, etc…
  • The system will automatically populate league standings based on the scores posted by the players.

Doubles Golf Leagues

  • There are 5 main CATEGORIES in Doubles Golf
    • Men’s, Women’s, Senior, Mixed-Doubles, and Parent-Junior.
  • Professionals may have multiple leagues within each category. The suggested process to flight teams is by using their Doubles Golf Rating (A1-c3)
  • Leagues can be launched in each of the four SEASONS (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).
  • The number of teams in each League is at the discretion of the Professional. The most common league has 6 Teams (12 players) playing over 5 weeks (each team plays each other once). This league is only 3 tee times….
  • Players can register themselves on as many teams as they’d like and play in multiple leagues.

Administration of Leagues

  • All Professionals will be provided a course Clubhouse page once they register their course at
  • This clubhouse page will be a one-stop shop for all of your Doubles Golf leagues as this page will house:
    • League registration
    • Schedules
    • Standings
    • Announcements
  • Once schedules are created, players will go play their league matches, post their scores through the app, and the standings will be automatically updated

Doubles Golf Marketing Tools

  • Course and Team registrations can be easily found at
  • Use the email link sent after registration to access all Doubles Golf Marketing Material such as:
    • Social Media Posts
    • Flyers
    • Getting Started Playbook
    • Email Templates
    • Revenue Options
    • League Creation Suggestions
    • FAQs