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Archive for July 2019

Lanting Repeats as National Car Rental Colorado Assistant Professional Champion

(Westminster, CO) – Wikipedia defines resiliency as the ability to not just bounce back but bounce forward. Ben Lanting, PGA, Associate from Bear Creek Golf Club, embodied resiliency on Tuesday to claim his second straight title at the National

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Davis, Talaga, Kenealy, Faulkenberry and Gunnersen Add Expertise as Trustees

The Colorado PGA Reach Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of three new trustees to its Board: Dr. Stephen Davis, Mike Talaga, Eric Kenealy, Major General Barbara Faulkenberry, USAF, Retired, and Tom Gunnersen. Davis has always had a

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Wounded Combat Hero Receives New Home Taking Him From Homelessness to Home-Owner

From homelessness to owning a mortgage-free home, former U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Steven Klimtzak rode a wave of emotions as he received the keys to his new home in Boston, N.Y., just outside of Buffalo. “I was scared as I was going through

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Empowering and Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders

How many of you have ever found yourselves saying, or even thinking, “What is up with the younger people today?” And, if you ARE one of the younger people, how many of YOU have ever found yourselves saying or even thinking, “What is up with the

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